2010 Ford Ranger Truck Review – Complete Rundown

Mechanical work is a tough business. You need to know about engines, transmissions, suspension systems, electrical wiring and countless other components that keep a car running properly. But if you’re in the market for new wheels then the Ford Ranger might just be your ticket out of this hard life.
The 2010 Ford Ranger has all the features you’ll need to get back on the road with confidence including an updated engine and transmission system designed to deliver fuel efficiency while still providing power when it’s needed most. With plenty of standard safety features such as airbags and traction control, this truck is ready for any job – even those that may defy gravity at times!

With Fords like the new Focus and Fiesta hitting our shores, Top Brass obviously thought that a change was due for the Ford Ranger truck, and so we have the restyled version you see here. It apparently features Ford’s ‘Kinetic’ design, which is a bit like Ford’s old ‘new edge’ but has fewer edges and one less word in the marketing tag line.

To that end the new Ranger has a restyled front and rear end in an attempt to make it look more like a ‘Ford’. The problem is that the Ranger is supposed to be ‘built tough’ and the restyle makes the Ranger look a little more like someone who has just discovered what the word ‘metrosexual’ means.

What we have here is styling that makes the ute look less butch than the last model, which is a debatable way to go.

What isn’t debatable though is that while the styling has come from ‘Queer eye for the straight guy’, the underpinnings have come from an armoured car.

A day spent high in the hills near Mount Cook proved that the Ranger is still as utilitarian and bullet-proof as the last; especially the way my co-driver and I were handling it. At one stage we decided to forgo the actual track and head off across the scrubby bush, often leaving the ground for a few minutes. The Ranger squeaked a bit as its chassis interacted with the body, but other than that it was clear sailing.

On the road the Ranger handles pretty well, albeit not quite as well as a Toyota Hilux, while on gravel the Ranger proves to be very stable, and indeed you can play around with the chassis and get it sliding sideways very comfortably.

Anyway, here’s the upshot. You can have your Ranger in any form from the basic single cab chassis to the completely over the top new Wildtrak, complete with roller deck cover, roll bars, leather and Alcantara interior and surprisingly complicated tailgate locking system (Ford had to email all the journos a diagram to show us how the straps work).

Inside all the Rangers you have an auxiliary port for your MP3 player, which is good and that same old pull-out umbrella-style handbrake which is very, very bad. Even Ford staff agree that this is a very stupid thing, but it comes from the factory like that and there’s not much they can do about it. I tend to use the handbrake whenever I’m stopped at the lights, but in the ranger that’s pretty much impossible.

Engine wise you have the choice of two powerplants, the 105kW/330Nm 2.5-litre diesel or the 115kW/380Nm 3.0-litre diesel. Both are up slightly on power and you can have a five speed manual on the lesser models, with a five speed auto on the double cab XLT and the Wildtrak.

The new Ranger is really not much more than a mild revamp of the outgoing model, but Ford readily admits it was more to make the vehicle fit in with the rest of the styling, even if ‘kinetic’ design is getting rather hard to define.

Main Takeaways – 2010 Ford Ranger Truck Review

The 2010 Ford Ranger truck is an excellent, reliable workhorse. It gets great gas mileage and has a roomy interior with plenty of cargo space. If you need to haul anything or tow something heavy, this vehicle will not disappoint!

In fact, the only drawbacks are that it’s slow in acceleration and doesn’t have many bells and whistles for comfort features. All things considered though, I would highly recommend this midsize truck if you’re looking for one on a budget!

The 2010 Ford Ranger offers a great blend of fuel economy, power and off-road ability. It comes in three trim levels with the base model starting at $18,000 (including destination charge) for four wheel drive models.

All Rangers come standard with many features like a six speaker AM/FM stereo system with CD player and MP3 capability, an auxiliary input jack so you can plug your favorite device into the truck’s sound system without having to buy expensive speakers or adapter cables; cruise control; keyless entry which allows you to just push on the door handle instead of fumbling around looking for your keys every time you get out of your car; dual climate controls that let each person have their own personal temperature setting inside the cabin

Written by Mud Flap

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